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General Taping Instructions
Always read any specific self-tape instructions provided with each audition invitation!
  • Start each audition with framing that shows the actor's head and shoulders only.
  • Sound must be clear. We recommend using a lavalier mic or shotgun mic if possible. If not, please be sure that the mic is directed towards the actor and the reader STANDS BACK so as not to overpower the actor's voice. The actor's voice should be clearly heard and the reader's should be at the same audible level if not slightly quieter.
  • Lighting should be good enough so we can see the color of the actor's eyes. (This is our #1 problem!)
  • Please tape auditions in front of a light-colored, solid wall or back-drop. Try not to have anything behind the actor that will distract the viewer's eye like furniture, pictures, winwos, etc. Again, a clearn, solid wall or backdrop is best.
  • One good take, please. Only do a second take if absolutely necessary or if requested. If submitting a second take, please upload as a separate video file.
  • SLATE: At the END of your take, have the actor stand, pull back for a full body shot and state name & height for the camera. That's all we need! Please do not slate in the beginning of your audition.
  • Please avoid the use of props - they can be poorly used & distracting to the viewer. Don't feel the need to take script material literally as it pertains to smoking, chewing gum, etc. Good actors shouldn't need a prop.
Audition sides can be accessed by your agent via
File Types (Breakdown Services' Eco-Cast Program): mp4, mov, m4v, mpeg4, mpg, mpg4, mts, wav, webm, wma, wmv, m4a, m2v, avchd, 3gp, 3g2
Please keep file size between 20 - 50MB. Larger files do not send or upload well.
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