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Lisa Mae Fincannon

Casting Director, CSA

Born and raised in the Carolinas, Lisa Mae is a definite Southern Belle. Since childhood her dream has been to travel extensively, and to date she has cast projects and worked in 13 countries. Her early work in documentary film proved an ability to discover and bring performances out of non-actors which has been one of the trademarks of her career.

Lisa attended and eventually graduated from the Grady School of Journalism (Peabody) and the Franklin School of Theatre/Film Studies at the University Of Georgia. While attending school she grew her love of music, painting and travel. She, self-admittedly, is most comfortable living “out of a suitcase” and considers being a casting director the best job around. Lisa Mae is a lover of great wine, good food, dogs, children and swimming in the ocean…not necessarily in that order.


Occasionally, Lisa Mae returns to her first love of Documentaries, her latest effort being “Grits, Tits, and Burning Rubber” a pic about the Southern Drive-In Movie Moguls of the 1970’s.


She lives and works with her husband, Craig, and her dogs, Theda and Earl.  Her daughters Ashley and Erin, her Mom and Dad and both brothers and families live nearby and she very actively mixes in their lives.  On days away from the office you can usually find Lisa Mae on her porch swing with a book, or on her John Deere with a cause.

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